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  Milk and food adulteration and contamination in our country is a critical issue that needs to be addressed effectively through government regulation and through the use of modern technology.


Though Pakistan stands at position four in Milk producing countries
of the world with 33 billion liters annually with 8 million farming house hold herds with 50 million animals contributing more than 12% of the GDP, milk economy 27.7% of total agriculture sector and out of all that Punjab share is more than 68% in total milk produced but due to non effective checking from Government sector the dairy sector of Pakistan is suffering major economic
losses due to non availability of good checking of analytical equipment.About 70% of our population depends upon the agricultural based product like wheat, rice, pulses etc...


Testing  Facilities:

We are in trying to put best technology from all over the world to Pakistan to implement quality checking, now M.Dairy Solutions has step forward to address this issue by giving a unique idea by introducing new laboratory techniques , this effort overall enhance the quality and living standard of the people,We are representing mostly European and American companies 
ISO certified, and approved from all major authorities.
We are in this business from several years.
As per the Food and Dairy industry requirement, all test kits are rapid
just dip the test kits in the milk&Dairy, Grain and all food sample and get the results in minutes.


errow Milk properties (Fat, Protein, SNF, Lactose, Added Water, Salts, PH, Conductivity, Freezing Point)
errow Microbiology
errow Antibiotics
errow Mycotoxins
errow Contamination
errow Hygiene Testing
errow Melamine Test



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